Hi, I'm a security researcher located in Europe interested in anything low-level such as (in no particular order):

  • Reverse engineering,
  • Exploit development,
  • Fuzzing,
  • Kernel stuff,
  • Hardware hacking,
  • Code audit, and
  • General pentesting

This blog here is all about personal side projects. It likely won't be updated regularly, but regardless of that, I hope the few (but very verbose) written articles here can be useful to you.

In case you want to reach out, I have several channels to where you can find me. Twitter/Mail are the easiest options.

Other places:

In case you found an article particular helpful, kindly let me know on any of the above channels. Just a plain thank you can mean a lot :)!  If for whatever reason you even want to give something back, you can buy me a coffee and support new research :D.